Sexual Harassment Survey Results

The University of Kansas is committed to fostering an environment where all feel safe to live, study, work, and play.

In February 2016, the university conducted its fourth survey on sexual harassment to assess student experiences and concerns. The survey also measured knowledge of university policies and resources related to sexual harassment and sexual assault.

Results from the 2016 survey are publicly available and are being used to gauge effectiveness of programs aimed at educating all members of the campus community about this important issue.

The University of Kansas prohibits sexual harassment and is committed to preventing, and correcting incidents of harassment, including sexual harassment and sexual assault. Sexual harassment, sexual violence, and a hostile environment because of sex are forms of sex discrimination and should be reported.

Please report non-emergency incidents to:
  • Office of Institutional Opportunity and Access (Title IX Coordinator) -- 785-864-6414
  • KU Public Safety Office -- 785.864.5900 (non-emergency)

Additional information about sexual harassment and sexual assault prevention, reporting, and resources can be found at
Spring 2016 Survey Results
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Comparative Trend Data

Substantive changes to the 2016 survey questions prevent the inclusion of the 2016 survey results in the comparative results from 2012, 2013, and 2015.

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