OIRP Survey Review Process

Survey Review Process Map (pdf)

OIRP has established a Survey Review Process to respond to requests for student, faculty, or staff distribution lists for the purpose of institutional-level or large sample size surveys.  Survey requests are generally generated by KU faculty, staff, administrators, and students, but they can also be generated by external entities including researchers at other universities. 

The purpose of the process is to ensure that institutional-level/large sample size surveys are:

  • Relevant to campus interests and/or university mission
  • Partner with a unit on campus to ensure data isn't already available and is supportive to the mission of the unit
  • Adhere to campus requirements (including IRB)
  • Produce results that can be used for institutional improvement
  • Mindful of respondent burden (don't over survey)
  • Foster responsible use of university resources

The Survey Review Process also informs a master survey calendar and a master survey index of institutional-level/large sample size surveys maintained by OIRP, which is posted on the OIRP website and facilitates communication about key survey results.

Survey Review Process Definitions and Scope

Any survey that meets one of the following conditions should undergo the Survey Review Process:

  • Surveys that request a random sample of KU students, faculty, or staff;
  • Institutional-level surveys or surveys that include samples that will generalize to the broader KU population;
  • Surveys used for institutional improvement.

Decisions are made on a case-by-case basis.  Survey requests can be submitted at any time throughout the academic year.

Survey Review and Approval Process

  1. Researchers are required to submit their request via the Survey Request Form on the OIRP website.
  2. If the researcher has not secured IRB clearance and IRB approval is necessary for the survey to proceed, the request will not be processed by the review committee until IRB approval documentation is provided. https://research.ku.edu/ecompliance
  3. Researchers must attach a copy of their survey questions or instrument to the form for committee review.
  4. Once the request form and IRB clearance if necessary are completed, OIRP will route the request form to the necessary parties, including:
    1. Administrative and/or academic units for which the researcher has already secured sponsorship for the survey.  If the researcher has not secured unit sponsorship for the survey, potential unit(s) who might be able to use the results of the survey for improvement will be included in the review committee.  It is strongly recommended that survey requests from KU faculty, staff, and students seek sponsorship from at least one academic or administrative unit.
    2. The Director of the Policy Office on behalf of the Provost Office, to ensure compliance with the KU Electronic Mail Policy (http://policy.ku.edu/provost/electronic-mail-policy).
    3. If a listserv is requested, an IT representative may be included. http://technology.ku.edu/services/distribution-group-lists
    4. A representative from OIRP.
  5. The committee will confer on the survey request and come to an agreement about whether the request should be approved.
  6. The OIRP representative will contact the researcher to convey the committee’s decision.
  7. If a survey distribution list has been requested from OIRP, OIRP will provide it to the researcher based on a mutually agreed-upon timeline.
  8. If OIRP has been requested to email the survey to respondents, OIRP will directly administer the survey based on a mutually agreed-upon timeline.

Survey Tools

Qualtrics Online Surveys

After Survey Implementation

Once the survey has been administered, the OIRP representative will request follow-up information from the researcher on response rates, uses/reports, etc.

Alternative Survey Distribution Options

In cases where survey requests are not approved, the committee will suggest other resources or methods for distributing a survey. 

No cost (except time)

Departmental bulletin boards and electronic bulletin boards

Departmental email distribution list (with appropriate approval)


Social media (personal as well as departmental accounts, even YikYak)


Digital signage

Low cost

Campus fliers/posters

Table tents at the Union/Burge/Underground

Targeted advertising on Facebook and Twitter

Posters on KU Transit


Advertising in UDK (print and online)

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